Big buys, little price tags: 5 great outfits at a great price

Here’s a look into some great yet extremely inexpensive outfits for late summer/early fall that students have worn around TCNJ’s campus. You won’t believe how cute these outfits are for both girls and guys—and the affordability will shock you too. They say looking good comes with a price tag, but I beg to differ!

  1. Comfy, Cute and Cheap

These stylish pants are perfect for perfect weather—not too warm, not too cold. Matched with a basic tee and some flats, they are super versatile and perfect for those busy days when you want to be cute but comfy. These pants were found at American Eagle. Being marked down and having a 20% off coupon, they were less than $20! That’s a bargain. Tip: American Eagle’s fall collection is currently buy one, get 50% off.


  1. A Kohls Classic

Guys like to look stylish around campus too! And Kohl’s is the perfect place to help you do it. This preppy look can be found in the Kohl’s mens department. Get your hands on some Kohl’s cash or a 30% coupon and this outfit can be bought for almost nothing.


  1. Forever Essentials

You can’t go wrong with the Forever 21 Essentials collection. They have great tees, tanks and skirts that are extremely cheap and beyond versatile. Both the top and skirt are items from the Essentials collection and can be mixed and matched to create a simple but cute look.


  1. Super Stylish

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? On a warm September day this preppy yet stylish outfit will be turning heads around campus. Both pieces were found on the sale rack at Express and were definitely a great purchase. Tip: Express is currently having a 60% off clearance sale. Although they enhance the outfit, the Ray Bans might be just a little pricier.


  1. Clearance and Coupons

This is one of my personal late summer favorites. With coupons and store discounts, I was able to get these adorable pants for a mere $9 at Macy’s! The top was my mom’s from the 80’s and my wedges were on sale at Kohl’s for only $12! Clearance racks and coupons definitely go a long way.



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