Affordable, fresh and fancy wardrobes….purchased from your dorm room bed

Have you ever looked at your closet and wished you could polish up your style? Maybe dress a little nicer around campus? We all know the struggle of finding what to wear each day–and being in college doesn’t make it any easier. Sure, some of us throw on a pair of sweats and call it a day. But I know there are people out there who want to mix up their style and use the campus as their runway. However, that can take time, hassle, and quite a bit of money.

With the help of websites/apps such as Stich Fix, Stylect and Bib + Tuck, college students can get head-turning fashion online and with half the hassle and price. Stitch Fix is the first fashion retailer to blend expert styling and unique products to deliver a personal shopping experience. Stylists will handpick a selection of five clothing items and accessories unique to your taste and budget. You buy what you like and return what you don’t (and you don’t have to buy more the next month); it’s that simple. Stylect is a Tinder-like app to help women discover their perfect shoes by aggregating products from multiple websites. Shoes are recommended based on users’ preferences, which are determined by the Tinder-esque swipe right if you like it or left if you don’t. My personal favorite, Bib + Tuck, is an eBay-like website where women buy can buy and sell gently used, fashionable clothing. It’s like a giant online thrift store!

Affordable and Fabulous

The best part about these sites: the price. College students are broke so many don’t see the need to waste money on clothes. But with an average of $50 well spent on 5 items from Stitch Fix (and 25% off your order if you keep all 5 items) and a chic $14 dress from Bib + Tuck, the opportunities are endless! A close friend of mine uses Stitch Fix religiously because she doesn’t have a car on campus or the time to buy clothes from the mall—and she couldn’t be happier. So anyone who hates the mall and trying on clothes would love this website.

These websites couldn’t make it any easier for shoppers, especially college students, to find their own unique fashion sense. A big reason why a lot of students don’t give fashion much thought is because it often poses several difficulties. Who wants to go back and forth to the mall to buy over-priced clothing when study time is crucial and when transportation is unavailable? From sports to clubs and activities to academics, students are always stressed and just don’t have time to go shopping and worry about what they wear.

Apps of Pure Genius 

That is why these apps are so different from others; they target college students, specifically those who really don’t have time to shop. All three apps are unique. Bit + Tuck is one of the only websites tailored specifically for high-end fashion, such as Michael Kors at incredibly low prices. It solely focuses on trendy clothing items. Second, they strive to be as convenient and hassle-free as possible. When Stich Fix stylists pick out your five items of clothing for the month, you can easily return one or all of them if you are any bit unhappy. The return is free and a free shipping label is provided for you upon the packages arrival. It couldn’t be any easier than that.

Websites and apps such as these are changing how people view the world of fashion and how they choose to incorporate fashion into their lives. It seems as though as more of these websites become available, the more college students will actually want to dress better around campus. It’s becoming much easier and convenient to do so, especially since buying cheap clothing and thrift shopping is more popular. Now there’s no excuse to putting together the hottest new style. All you need is a bed and your computer. Happy shopping!


3 thoughts on “Affordable, fresh and fancy wardrobes….purchased from your dorm room bed

  1. I really liked this post because it gave good info on these apps. I had no idea that they existed and will probably check them out! The post was well-written and gave a good amount of information about each app. A couple things to look over and possibly change would be to make paragraphs a bit shorter or break them up. Too much text at once may cause people to skip over the piece. Second would be to read over the copy before you post it to make sure there aren’t any typos. Other than that, I really liked what you did and can’t wait to start shopping!


  2. Hey Julia I really love your blog, the layout is great! (also the first article was really good as well)

    The criticism that I would give on your blog post is to make it seem like more of a news story! In your title, add more urgency about the new shopping products that are out! Other than that the only thing I could add is maybe add some kind of title to break up your paragraphs! Thanks and good luck!


  3. I found your post very informative and easy to read. You gave really great information about both apps how they can be used to help price savvy college shoppers. I would suggest shortening the length of your paragraphs so there is not such a solid block of text to read. I also think it would be beneficial to add some relevant photos, perhaps screen shots of the app’s layout or logo, that way there is a place for the reader’s eyes to rest.


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