The Odyssey

The Odyssey is a social content platform that crowdsources ideas from millennial thought leaders in their local communities. It surfaces a rich and otherwise untapped diversity of stories and viewpoints to share with an audience hungry for a variety of perspectives. The platform empowers its thousands of writers to contribute and share what matters to them. All Odyssey content undergoes a rigorous editorial process, which combines its proprietary MUSE technology with the insights of its editorial team. It has a presence in over 250 communities nationwide, growing to 450 communities by year-end. (Taken from The Odyssey online)

The following articles were published on The Odyssey

August: The Home-Stretch of Summer

12 Struggles TCNJ Students Know All Too Well

A Letter to the Girls Who Suffer From Resting Bitch Face

10 Lies College Students Tell Themselves During the First Week of Classes

7 Thoughts Students Have Before Studying Abroad

For All Girls Who Are Actually Obsessed With Food


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