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It’s 8 am and most college students are still fast asleep. The sun is just starting to rise and the day has just begun. But for members of the TCNJ Crew team, they’re already long into their day—which starts at 4 a.m. The team meets each day in the dark, silent, early morning hours to drive to the Mercer County boathouse for their first practice of the day. All before 8 a.m. they’ve pushed their bodies to its limits both on and off the water. This far from an average sport that requires a certain kind of motivation and discipline that must surpass that of a regular athlete. Those who choose to row crew must learn to make sacrifices, push themselves far beyond what they could imagine and realize that everyday will conjure new challenges and hardships.

This crew team understands what it means to undergo hardships on a daily basis. They function on their own; they have no coach and receive no funding from the school. The more experienced rowers take the place of a coach and help to mentor the rest of the team while trying to be rowers themselves. The team thrives off of the help and support of one another, creating an even stronger camaraderie among each other. Every day is a new battle and they’ve learned that expecting the unexpected is a must. The team President, Michael Baumann, isn’t sure what’s to come of the team down the road. He says they take each day as an opportunity to grow and become stronger and better and strive to persevere and overcome the challenges they face. No matter what comes their way, the TCNJ Crew team isn’t going to let any hardship come in the way of doing what they love.

Trenton Makers: The Hummingbird Restaurant brings authentic Jamaican cuisine to the heart of Trenton

 Located at the corner of South Warren Street and Front Street right in the heart of downtown Trenton, the Hummingbird Restaurant has been bringing authentic and delicious Jamaican family recipes to the city since 2010.

Owner Yvette Graffie-Cooper offers customers a little taste of who they are as Jamaicans. Eating at the Hummingbird is like eating on the island. When customers come in, they never leave the same. Graffie-Cooper is at the restaurant 4 nights a week helping to whip up specialties such as jerk chicken, curry chicken and oxtails while the sounds of Bob Marley waft through the air. Customers come for the food, but leave feeling satisfied and a part of the Jamaican family.

Trenton Area Soup Kitchen: Providing more than meals for patrons

Many impoverished people nationwide have to walk over 10 miles to buy groceries consisting of fresh produce that contain essential vitamins and minerals to keep their families properly nourished. Without adequate money, education or government funding, more people are experiencing what is referred to as a food desert since it is increasingly difficult to find fresh food.
In areas like Trenton, N.J., people in need turn to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen for sustenance and guidance as they try to get back on their feet and live a healthy life.


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